Single Arch Braces – Upper Teeth Braces & Lower Teeth Braces

Single Arch Braces – Upper Teeth Braces & Lower Teeth Braces

While you can get braces either on your upper or lower teeth only (single or one-arch orthodontic treatment), it is only suitable for some patients. For most, it may not be the most ideal treatment plan.

For purely cosmetic purposes, wearing a single arch braces would probably be the ideal option but the truth is, it cannot fix most orthodontic problems. Single arch braces could fix one problem but at the same time would possibly make another worse. Wearing full braces is always the best orthodontic treatment for most patients.

Upper Teeth Braces

Our top teeth are on display whenever we talk, smile or eat. Some people are self-conscious about the look of their top teeth and feel they could be improved. They could want an attractive smile to help with self-esteem and feel their bottom teeth aren’t as noticeable so just want to change their top teeth.

If budget is limited, patients may consider having top row braces only to save on costs. Fitting braces only on the top teeth can be for cosmetic purposes only. It isn’t possible to fix a crossbite, overbite or underbite without being able to move both the top and bottom teeth. But for patients who don’t have a bite problem but don’t like their crooked tooth or space on the top row of teeth, top row braces can work.


Lower Teeth Braces

Lower braces are less common. Bottom teeth aren’t as visible when smiling so patients are more inclined to treat their top teeth. However, crooked bottom teeth are noticeable when speaking so patients may fix the problem with bottom teeth braces. Crowded and twisted bottom teeth may also cause a bite problem which braces can correct. There are patients who are happy with their top teeth and just want to fix a crowding problem or similar on the bottom arch.


The Risks of Getting Braces on Just the Top or Bottom Teeth

Single Arch Treatment Can Cause Bite Problems

Your smile isn’t just dependent on the position of your teeth. Your bite is actually a complicated relationship that involves your jaws as well.  If your jaws are not balanced (e.g. one is larger or smaller than the other), that can definitely affect how well your teeth can fit together. 

There are times when single arch treatment may leave you with a worse bite, causing your front or back teeth to touch too hard (making your teeth more likely to break down or chip, or putting excessive pressure on the bone and gums), or not touch at all (reducing function). The importance of an even bite is that it will help distribute everyday forces on the teeth evenly to prevent wearing of the teeth, and trauma to the teeth and gums. Let’s not forget that our goal is a beautiful smile with a healthy bite.

When we get older, our bites tend to deepen and the front teeth overlap more, which leaves almost no space between the back of the top teeth and the front of the lower teeth. You need some clearance to align the bite so you would have to reposition both the upper and lower arch, making single arch treatment impossible.

Another factor to consider is the way teeth move depending on their position. For example, as we said before, crowded teeth will move forward when straightened and teeth with spaces between them will move backwards. If you’re suffering from an underbite and you just straighten crooked bottom teeth, it will make it worse. Teeth may appear straighter but the bite will be off. If your top teeth are the ones that are crowded and you already have an overbite, addressing them alone will cause the overbite to grow larger throughout treatment.  

Ask For Your Dentist Opinion

Before deciding on single arch treatment, talk about your options with our specialist. It’s important that all factors are considered before deciding if single arch treatment can work for you. You might be a good candidate or your orthodontist may recommend you get full braces because of other circumstances. Your orthodontist will explain the benefits of both options, so you can decide for yourself which treatment method you want.

Our friendly dental staff and specialist will surely guide you through your journey. 

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