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1st Dental Clinic Bukit Jelutong was founded by Dr Sheeda Abdul Karim in 2008 and was fueled by her passion for dentistry. The clinic is aptly named as it was the very first dental clinic to open in the area, providing local residents with essential dental care including teeth braces and dental implants. A person residing in Shah Alam can do a quick search for “klinik gigi Bukit Jelutong” or “dental clinic near me” online and will easily find 1st Dental Clinic on the first page due to its prominent standing.

1st Dental Clinic is a one-stop dental specialist centre, aiming to provide a 6-star experience to its patients from registration to completion of treatment. The best dentist in Shah Alam provides a calm and stress-free dental treatment experience with a relaxed atmosphere for patients and high standards of sanitization to prevent cross infections.

1st Dental Clinic is well-equipped to cater for all kinds of dental treatments, including general dentistry, root canal treatments, teeth braces, dental implants and surgical procedures, with a reputable lineup of residents and visiting doctors. The clinic is also equipped with X-ray machines to accommodate any kind of patient’s needs related to dental care.

1st Dental Clinic will always be known as the first “Klinik Gigi Bukit Jelutong” to local residents. It aims to establish itself as the go-to, holistic dental centre by imparting good, honest advice and top-notch dental treatment in Shah Alam.

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