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What is tooth extraction?

Tooth extractions are tooth removal procedure if teeth are too extensively damaged from decay or trauma.
Tooth extraction also frequently prescribed for orthodontics needs and when the tooth cannot be treated by root canal treatment.
Relief of pain and prevent periodontal disease

Surgical extraction

Surgical extractions are tooth removal procedures in which surgical access is required to completely remove a tooth.
Unrestorable tooth because so little intact tooth structure remained, extensively damaged tooth and tooth with multiple curved roots.

Wisdom tooth extraction

Wisdom tooth impaction happens when an adult tooth fails to erupt and instead remains surrounded by bone and gum. Some cases, the tooth is located below another, or it grows in the wrong direction and presses against another tooth.
The gum will be cuts open to reach the bone and if necessary drills a hole in the bone to access the tooth. The procedure is completed under local anaesthesia. The tooth will be extract from the socket using dental instruments.